We can help you...

  • Improve performance
  • Improve your consumers' experience
  • Evaluate the impact of new solutions
  • Evaluate the results of changes to your processes
  • Identify operational issues
  • Minimize bottlenecks
  • Decrease wait time
  • Enhance the social experience
  • Improve cashier and teller ergonomics

We help retailers, banks and other operators improve operational, ergonomic, process flow and business related problems.

We also help product and solution developers who supply these companies analyze and quantify the impact their products and solutions have on their customers' business.
We are professional consultants comprised of industrial engineers, management consultants and ergonomists with expertise in biodynamics, biomechanics and cognitive studies. We have a wide range of experience helping retailers, banks and solution providers around the world solve problems from the back of the store, to the checkout, to the front office.
We are unique in that we offer a comprehensive set of services that allows us to take a holistic view of the issue at hand. By using all necessary measures we can help you understand the entire picture. We can look at performance, technology, management controls, ergonomics, work design and artifact analysis. We take a holistic approach but we use the minimum number of techniques necessary to solve the problem.